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Do not proceed if you suffer from vertigo or find experimental interfaces offensive. More accessible version.

Design Prototype Code

The set of book covers Tyler Thompson designed for Stripe Press are among my favorite design artifacts. Bringing the books to life in 3d with him and Stripe friends was some of the purest joy of my career. I’ve been doing 3d on the web for several years but this was the first time a 3d object was the primary user interface and not just something pretty to look at. The books were just too beautiful to do it any other way.
While the White Walkers were breaching The Wall, I was working with Elastic (creators of the opening title sequence) to design and prototype a web app for the show. HBO wanted to create a hub for fans to collect, showcase and upvote the best GoT content on the web. The fan curated “Compendium” was then pruned, printed and bound in very limited quantity, wax-sealed and sent to a few lucky fans. I didn’t get one…

Game of Thrones

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My first A.I. project. You get hired to do the sort of work you’ve done and early on, I was doing film sites and personal sites for actors. When Ignition was working on the campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, they hired me to design a site for Michael Fassbender’s synthetic character, David. It wasn’t REAL A.I. but I’m convinced that it’s this project that led to work with VIV (Siri founders’ next thing) and The Grid. It definitely led to a pre-occupation with applying A.I. to design problems.

Prometheus Weyland Corp

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All the stadiums and libraries are named after brands, rich people, dead people or rich dead people. Nothing in homeless shelters is named after anybody. We set out to change that. Naming rights to the toilet ($200), all the beds ($250/ea), the spoons ($10/ea), the playground slide ($750)... were put up for sale on the site. As of this writing, people who’ve probably never so much as driven by the shelter here in Durham, NC, have spent $86k to put their name on everyday items that you and I take for granted every day.

Visit Names for Change

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In my lifetime, I’ll design fewer than a thousand websites. Each layout will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. In the not too distant future, an A.I., taught to make the decisions I might have made when designing a website, will generate more layouts in one second than I could in a thousand lifetimes. In the beginning they won’t be very good, but neither was I. That A.I. is what I worked on for two years w/ The Grid.

The Grid

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“We’re making a game about homelessness” is not what I expected to hear when I started working at an ad agency. “We need you to get more kids to smoke our brand” or “I know the product sucks, make them want it!” maybe, but not a game about homelessness. The game we made at McKinney is now part of the curriculum at hundreds of schools in the US, has been played 6 million+ times and won a Webby. You should play it. It’ll make you feel terrible. There’s very little chance I’ll ever love a project more than this one. But I’m open to being wrong.
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