Maxim Ė July 2000

Jason Biggs

He porked a warm, flaky pastry in American Pie. We decided to give the horny everyman his just desserts.

Written by Steven Rebello.

STEVE REBELLO: How sick are you of lame jokes about baked goods?

JASON BIGGS: Oh, man, Iíll be at a restaurant and some guy will totally crack himself up by saying, "Hey, did you order the pie for dessert?" They expect me to convulse with laughter, like, "Wow, no oneís ever said that before." At the same time I understand, because he can tell his buddies, "I met the American Pie guy today, and guess what I said to him." Itís something Iíd say to me if I werenít me.

SR: Whatís the strangest thing a woman has whispered in your ear since the movie hit big?

JB: A girl came up to me in a crowded bar and actually said, "Iíd love to be your apple pie tonight." I wish Iíd said something cool back to her, like "Well, OK, you got any ice cream?" but frankly, I was too stunned.

SR: Speaking of tasty treats, what most freaked you about the scene where you danced like a complete spaz in your boxers for Shannon Elizabeth?

JB: I was 25 pounds heavier then, and at first I was, like, "Shit, I should at least do some push-ups before the scene." But the way I looked then was right for the character. The movie gave me an excuse to make a total jackass of myself in front of a beautiful woman. I mean, I can do that even when Iím not getting paid for it.

SR: How has your life changed since American Pie?

JB: I got totally spoiled being in a hit movie my first time out. The best thing was going home to New Jersey around Thanksgiving last year and walking into this bar where everybody from high school was hanging out. Some of them were the kids who threw basketballs in my face in gym class, and they still didnít give a shit who I was. But some others were saying to my friends, "I canít believe you know the guy from American Pie." Iíd be lying if I said it didnít feel really good.

SR: Did you get a lot of shit for being in plays and commercials when you were a kid?

JB: I was taunted by older guys for going to auditions and taking singing lessons and stuff, because apparently that meant I was gay. But I somehow knew that it would all work out one day and Iíd end up being interviewed for Maxim. [Laughs]

SR: Did you hold down many non-acting jobs?

JB: Letís see, I worked in a kitchen on Saturday nights at a VFW hall in Jersey, I was a "sandwich artist" at Subway briefly, and I delivered flowers from the back seat of my car, spilling water and soil all over everything. I was never lucky enough to get the "housewife invite," though.

SR: Housewife invite?

JB: Yeah, there was always the hope that some hot, lonely housewife would want to show a 17-year-old delivery boy a little excitement in the bedroom. But I never got lucky Ė unless you count getting a lousy buck tip.

SR: Who do you hang out with in Hollywood?

JB: Only the big-time players, man Ė guys whoíve done $100 million movies, because thatís me now. No riff raff. [Laughs] No, most of my best friends arenít in the entertainment industry. They keep me in line.

SR: So once the movie paychecks did start rolling in, what did you splurge on?

JB: The money you make in this business is scary, but as my old man always said, "the only important things in life are to have a plate on the table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head." That said, I ran out and bought a Toyota 4Runner SUV, a badass mountain bike, and a cool snowboard Ė you know, doing my best to wreck the environment.

SR: You donít seem like a real outdoorsy-type guy.

JB: Iím more of a big-city guy, but I wanted to get off my lazy ass and take advantage of the great weather in California, since I live here now. Of course, I dislocated my shoulder on the first day of snowboarding season. I put my arm down to turn through some trees, and it just caught in the snow Ė emergency room, morphine injections, the whole deal. And this is my second dislocated shoulder, after falling on some stairs a few years ago. I go to therapy three times a week, but it still pops out. The other day I was just waving to somebody from my car window and Ė pop!

SR: Your disability doesnít seem to have hurt your rep as a sexual conquistador around town.

JB: Where do you hear this? Iím floored. I donít think of myself as a ladiesí man, so I always go with the attitude of "Make Ďem laugh." Just because you have fun with a woman doesnít mean the sex will be the opposite of that. A lot of times they donít expect a goofy guy to also, um, get the job done in the bedroom, so itís even sweeter.

SR: Mena Suvari was in American Pie, and now youíre both in a new movie, Loser. Did you give her any crap when she got married recently?

JB: I love Mena so much. Sure, heís older than her and they havenít known each other long, but I believe in everyone doing their own thing. Loser is good because Mena and I have amazing chemisty on-screen. Itís not hard being on the set with Mena Suvari.

SR: Which other actress do you want to conduct chemistry experiments with?

JB: Boy, Iíd have to say Julianne Moore. Sheís one of the most amazing actresses, and just beautiful and sexy. Thereís something about her. Wow. I definitely dig older women.

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