In Style - June, 2000

Jason Biggs Star of Boys and Girls, Loser and American Pie

Written by: Lisa Simpson

age: "Twenty-two. I'm a Taurus. I'm supposed to be headstrong -- or something-strong. I'm wise beyond my years. When you start [acting] at 5, you grow up a lot more quickly."

first real job: "Although I was always acting, I never touched the money. It was for college. To earn spending money, I worked at Subway as a sandwich artist. We were all licensed sandwich artists. I still go into Subway sometimes and think, Hey, you're not cutting the bread right."

first crush: "Jami Gertz in The Lost Boys. I also had a Kathy Ireland poster on my wall."

dating game: "I don't play by the rules. Wait two days to call? If I like the girl, I'm going to call her. A girl's got to have a sense of humor. A girl who can make me laugh is like, Wow! Dating's harder these days because I just want to come off as a regular guy."

style: "For chill-wear, I'm big on cargo pants and sneakers. For an audition, it's jeans and John Fluevog shoes. For a premiere, plain-front black Gucci pants, a gray V-neck sweater, and black shoes. Black is my color. And since I've lost some weight, I like wearing nice-fitting clothes."

confession: "I'm a little neurotic. I tend to overanalyze things, and it ends up annoying me."

aspirations: "To keep working, travel the world, graduate from college, and have a family."

pet peeve: "Reporters who keep insisting that I deliver funny answers."

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