n the summer of 1999, relative unknown Jason Biggs became one of Hollywood's most talked about actors for his performance as Jim in Universal's blockbuster comedy, American Pie. He was nominated for two MTV Movie Awards (Best Comedic Performance and Best Breakthrough Male Performance). The huge success of the picture and Jason's outrageous work in it made him one of the most sought-after young actors in Hollywood.

Born in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, Jason started acting at 5, appearing in national commercials and modeling. At 13, he made his Broadway debut opposite Judd Hirsch in the critically acclaimed play, Conversations With My Father.

Following American Pie, Jason starred in two films: Loser and Boys and Girls. In the Amy Heckerling-directed Loser from Columbia Pictures, he played a na´ve college freshman from a small town going to school in New York City. Among his problems: (1) His roommates branded him a loser and tried to have him kicked out of his dorm and (2) the girl (Mena Suvari) he fell for only had eyes for her professor (Greg Kinnear).

In Miramax's romantic comedy Boys  and Girls, Jason played a wannabe ladies' man who would do just about anything to get a little attention. The well-intended dating advice he constantly gave his best friend, Ryan, (Freddie Prinze Jr.), was not always the best. The film was directed by Rob Iscove (She's All That).

Jason is filming the comedy, Saving Silverman, for Columbia. His character falls madly in love with a woman (Amanda Peet) he barely knows and they quickly become engaged. Though she is a nightmare, he is so in love he doesn't notice, so his two lifelong best friends (Steve Zahn and Jack Black) try to save him before he marries her.

He recently finished his co-starring role (with Christina Ricci) in the film adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's bestselling biography, Prozac Nation. Jason plays Rafe, the central character's boyfriend, in the Erik Skjoldbjaerg-directed film.

On the small screen, Jason co-starred in the sitcoms Drexel's Class and Total Security. He played Pete Wendall on the perennially popular soap opera, As the World Turns, garnering a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.

Jason lives in Los Angeles. In his spare time, he is an avid snowboarder and mountain bike enthusiast.